I'll never forget the day that I walked up to Justine and Kendall Barber. I was at a Branded workshop last spring with Bot Communications at the Poppy Barley showroom. I didn't even really know what I was going to say, I just knew that I needed to introduce myself and tell them how much I admired them and what they were doing. They took the time to really talk to me and in fact, it was Kendall Barber who introduced me to the concept of prop styling and product photography. She literally looked at my instagram feed and referred to me as a prop stylist, a concept I knew nothing about at the time.

That day, and specifically that conversation, transformed my career. Since then I have learned a lot about prop styling and brand photography. I have also developed another leg of my business based on Brand Photography & Styling where I creatively style and photograph my clients and their products & services and provide them with quality visuals to help build their brands and communities.

Since the moment I met the Poppy Barley team, I made it a professional goal to work with them.

In October, Justine Barber contacted me and asked if I would be interested in providing photography for their new Perfect Handbag and Wristlet campaign. Wow! It was really happening!

Being the first accessories developed by Poppy Barley, it was essential that the photography really communicated their brand. It was incredibly inspiring to plan and strategize a product based campaign like this.

Natural bright lighting and rich saturated tones were key in creating on-brand imagery. Both The Wristlet and The Perfect Handbag have been extremely well received. In fact, they sold out in 2 hours during pre-sales! Here is some of the imagery we shot for the campaign:

PB_Wristlet&Handbag_Oct_2015-00 PB_Wristlet&Handbag_Oct_2015-06-3PB_Wristlet&Handbag_Oct_2015-22-4PB_Wristlet&Handbag_Oct_2015-42-3  PB_Wristlet&Handbag_Oct_2015-40 PB_Wristlet&Handbag_Oct_2015-44-2 PB_Wristlet&Handbag_Oct_2015-54-2

For more information, or to purchase these products, check out The Wristlet and The Perfect Handbag or just head on over to the Poppy Barley  site and become an Insider. This way you'll be sure to get first (and exclusive!) access to new product launches, sales and events.

Getting the opportunity to work with Poppy Barley was a major career milestone for me. Thank you to Andrea Colleen for the impeccable hand & leg modelling and a big thank you to Justine and Kendall for giving me this opportunity!

Since this shoot, I've had the privilege of working on two additional campaigns with this incredible team. Stay tuned for updates on these...

If you are interested in product photography, prop styling, or brand photography, drop me a line and let's chat!