The CC Harvest Story

Brand Photography – Cory Christopher – The Harvest Collection

Recently I had the opportunity to travel the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge   to provide brand photography for Cory Christopher and capture the creation of the CC Harvest Collection. What better place to capture the magic of the harvest season!

Inspired by nature, Cory’s designs always amaze with their originality and uniqueness. 

After lighting a fire (that lasted about 3 seconds), I captured Cory’s art of tablescaping and wanted to share some of his tips and tricks for the holidays.

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What I enjoyed best about capturing the magic as it unfolded, was how organized Cory was about having everything in one place before he began setting the table. He used a lot of things that were on hand and then made the table come alive with seasonal items such as gourds, white mini pumpkins, leaves, Chinese lanterns and a Cory Christopher final touch–succulents.

20160915-dsc_6992 20160915-dsc_7005 20160915-dsc_7065

The lantern contained most of the natural elements and served to tie the table together while casting the perfect holiday glow. If you try this at home, we recommended lighting the candle after filling;) We also placed harvest arrangements around the room which really added to the warm autumn vibe.

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After watching Cory Christopher create, it's clear that the creation of a fabulous table scape is within reach! By using things you have on hand such as table and glass ware, candle holders, tea lights, napkins, etc and adding items like charger plates, natural items  & florals, you can absolutely create holiday magic on a budget.


Find this post inspiring? Follow Cory on instagram for regular inspiration, or better yet, hire Cory Christopher to inspire your home just in time for santas arrival.

A big thank you to everyone at the Jasper Park Lodge for the extraordinary service and accommodations that exceeded our expectations.

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