Ellevate YEG


The studio has been rocking and I'm so excited to start blogging about all of the incredible people that I am so fortunate to support, promote & connect with. With Mother's Day right around the corner, I thought it fitting to share some recent work and a  most inspiring event.

When a long term client (now friend),  approached me about this event, I knew I absolutely wanted to help out in any way possible. The story is incredibly touching and really exudes what life is all about. Connection, support & love...


Ellevate is about what happens when we connect and support each other. We believe that is what females do in life quite naturally. It speaks to what we hope to accomplish through the event, the scholarship, and hopefully beyond.

Why Ellevate?

Our event visionary, Melany James, conceived the student award as a legacy in memory of her Mom who passed away while they were on vacation together in 2013. For our team, our mothers were very important in supporting us in who we have become. They valued education, learning, wellness and…us. They have created a legacy within us through their support and we wish to carry it forward.

The Team

The Ellevate Team are a group of old and new friends working hard to bring you the Ellevate event and raise funds for a lifetime endowment of a student award at MacEwan University for young mothers who choose to pursue further education.

Melany James, Erin Dola, Sarah Kelly, Janice Coulter, Jayme Hiller, & Jillian Schecher

The Inspiration

There really is a Woman behind all of this. She is Darlene James. We know women in our lives with an incredible ability to love, others with admirable strength in facing adversity; many with kindness and compassion and some special few who extend this to everyone they know. Darlene James, gently, steadily, and with a preference for anonymity, lived a life embodying all of these qualities. She is the seed, perhaps now, among many, that inspired us to Ellevate. Her life and her legacy is truly inspiration …her legacy does live on.

" Her unwavering dedication has given me every opportunity I have today."
— Melany James


Talk about inspiring. Click here to register for the event on May 9. For more information about check out ellevate.ca.