Summer SaladThe other day, I was invited to participate in Gastropost. The instructions are simple. Each week, a new food mission is assigned. Once you've completed a mission, share your experience. Completed missions are in the Edmonton Journal newspaper. I love photography. I love food. Makes sense don't cha think?

SummerSaladThis week's mission was "Lunch on the Go Go Go". Due to what I hope are rumors about less than ideal weather next week, I've been grilling up our garden vegetables at a higher than normal rate. For a quick and healthy lunch, I topped a kale salad with grilled & chilled zucchini and yellow peppers. For color and even more flavor, I finished it off with fresh tomatoes and basil. Not only was lunch delicious, but it was healthy and gave me a much needed energy boost to get through the rest of a busy day.

Challenge complete.