Pinterest For Branding

It wasn't until I asked a simple question about colour that I realized the power of Pinterest. Don't get me wrong, I've always had a major crush on this visual discovery tool, but in relation to the impact it's had on my design business–two words. Game changer. I've been pinning for quite some time now, but I can honestly say that I didn't harness it's true potential until recently when I asked my client Sarah Taylor of Suite One Productions what blue she wanted for her logo.

Her response was to invite me to a Pinterest board that included the following images:

INSTAGRAM-PINTEREST-INSPIRATION-BOARD-SUITE-ONE-PRODUCTIONSWow, talk about important information. Imagine how many blue back and forth's this saved us! Below is a branding board that I created. After eye dropping from the images she pinned, we settled on one primary blue. You can see how Sarah's blue-board impacted the direction of the design. I ended up incorporating all 4 blues into the project based on her visual preferences.

SOCIAL-MINI-BRANDING-BOARD-SUITE-ONE I enjoyed the blue variations so much that I created this simple, but effective animated logo for the site. Because well, why not include movement in the logo of a client who makes moving art?


Finally, I created this fun little Mood Board with the Pinterest images that Sarah shared with me. So. Darn. Pretty.

BLOG-PINTEREST-INSPIRATION-BOARD-SUITE-ONE-PRODUCTIONSI typically insist on using Pinterest during the initial stages of my design process and when people are on 'board', well lemme tell you, it make things A LOT easier. I find it gives me solid understanding of what a client loves and really helps to propel my projects in the right direction.

If you are a client with design needs, I would recommend setting up a Pinterest account and start making note of what you do and don't like before even hiring a designer. Pin anything that inspires you. You can see that Sarah didn't just look for logos with blues that she liked, she searched for unique and interesting images that spoke to her.

This is a free, easy and fun part of the design process that you, the client, have control over. The more creative you are with this collaborative tool, the better for both of you. It will save you time and potential frustration AND get you both on the same page, all while providing you with an abundance of inspiration.

Happy Pinning!