On my birthday for the past couple of years, I have made a point of celebrating the people in my life. It is becoming a much anticipated tradition for me to head to the market to grab local fresh food and create something tasty for my near and dear's. This year, I made fresh mint & feta meatballs with pita and tzatziki for dipping. My lovely friends all brought something to round it out and make it a true birthday feast. Cupcakes, guacamole, bocconcini salad, vegan chocolate cake...oh and wine of course. To wash it all down, and to tie in my minty secret ingredient, I concocted a cocktail forever deemed Mint Jill-Ups. Well, at least that's what we call it in our house. You can view the recipe here.

DSC_0050Serendipitously, and due to the slow down of my home-based graphic design business, I interviewed for a job with an incredible company that specializes in party supplies, gift baskets, balloon art & much, much more. Upon meeting everyone at Whish, I knew the job was for me. They were fun, creative and really inspiring. To be honest, we pretty much laughed our way through the interview. Afterwards, I ended up shopping for birthday party decorations. So. Much. Fun! Afterward I joked that they had to hire me in order to help pay for the decorations.

single 2I have always enjoyed hosting informal gatherings.  Decorating for the party took it up a notch because it was fun, relatively inexpensive and it created a fantastic party atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Needless to say I got the job AND had a fantastic birthday party.

DSC_0039For me, the small things in life always make a big difference. I used this pink paper flag banner outside to decorate the table, and inside to decorate the cocktail bar.

Cocktail Bar Decorations

DSC_0023I fell in love with these polka dot napkins and seriously, how cute are these paper straws?

DOUBLE HORIZONTAL-STRAWS-NAPKINSAll in all it was a fantastic week and an amazing birthday. I am super excited about the job and look forward to what the future has to offer. Stay tuned!