Prairie Prancer – Project Launch

The moment I met Megan Kristine I knew I wanted to work with her. If you've ever met Megan, you know what I'm talking about. She has infectious energy, is delightful to be around and makes you want to sing, dance, and eat candy for breakfast. She's pretty much like a living, breathing, magical, unicorn-fairy lady.

You can imagine how I felt when Megan approached me to help her brand and launch Prairie Prancer, a blog style site that explores the colourful thoughts & experiences encountered on her travels.


With infectious energy and a smile that lights up the room, it was essential for me to visually express Megan’s exuberance while simultaneously capturing the softness of  her love of the prairies. If you want some free-spirited, warm-hearted and authentic reading, go have a gander at!