Suite One Productions – Project Launch

SUITE-ONE-SOCIAL&BLOGI LOVE working with other creatives and was ecstatic to work with award winning editor & owner of Suite One Productions, Sarah Taylor.  Sarah is a maker of moving art with a passion for storytelling, and it was my goal to visually portray this through both logo and web design. Sarah knew that she wanted a blue logo and we agreed that a clean and bright site would represent her brand best.

When asked what blue she liked best, she suggested I look at her pinterest board to see what she liked visually.  I had never before shared a creative space like this with a client. It was brilliant! Just like that the Pinterest Mood Board was born.

Using Pinterest inspired me not only to create a captivating mood board, but also to make this multi-coloured animated logo.

SUITE-ONE-PRODUCTIONS-ANIMATED-LOGO I thought perhaps Sarah would think I'd lost it, but she jumped on board. Turns out it actually makes sense to create a logo that moves for a client that makes moving art.

Branding boards are another creative aspect of client work that I have been incorporating into my process. I enjoy making them to help to quickly and visually inform what a brand is all about. It doesn't hurt that they are pretty and fun to make.


Check out the new Suite One Productions site and contact Sarah if you're interested in professional and quality video & editing services.

Wishing you every success and endless abundance Sarah! XO