Uppercase Press–Inside The Studio


Uppercase Press - Inside The StudioLast week the lovely Lu, owner & operator of Uppercase Press, invited me over to hang out in her studio. As a fan of both letterpress, and Lu's work, I was very interested in witnessing the process firsthand. The studio was as warm and welcoming as Lu's personality. There is something very special about the work that she does. Lu is passionate, caring and takes pride in her craft. Her enthusiasm for what she does is palpable and her desire to share it with others is heartwarming.

According to Wikipedia, "letterpress printing is a technique of relief printing using a printing press, a process by which many copies are produced by repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against sheets or a continuous roll of paper.[1] A worker composes and locks movable type into the "bed" or "chase" of a press, inks it, and presses paper against it to transfer the ink from the type which creates an impression on the paper."

If you are visual like me, then a wikipedia definition is not gonna do it for you.  In this case you may appreciate this little video of "Letterpress Lu" in action. Check it out on instagram here.

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There is something incredibly nostalgic about the press AND Lu's work. It reminds me of days gone by when things were harder, yet somehow life seemed simpler. When people took the time to really truly connect with one another...

You can feel this when you hold one of Lu's products in your hand. In each piece of paper there is love.

If you're interested in attending a workshop, or you would like some letterpress products,  I would absolutely recommend contacting  Uppercase Press. You are in for a real treat.

PS-I'm extremely excited to announce that a collaboration with Lu is underway. Stay tuned!