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Photographer + Brand Partner + Joy Coach

Jillian Schecher

Hello! I'm Jillian Schecher (pronounced Shek-her) and I help people remember who they really are and make a true impact in the world. How? With the desire to connect more deeply by asking the right questions.

I believe that we all have something special to offer. I believe that life is made up of many small moments. It is my goal to live in each one as fully as possible while encouraging others to do the same. I value connection, creativity, joy and Love. Speaking of love, I love people and loud hard laughter! I also love quiet solitary moments & rainy days filled with scented candles, self-help books and puppy cuddles. I love to adventure and I also love the grounded comfort of home. I am highly sensitive and I have learned to embrace it as a superpower.  I want to live a light filled life. And I want to inspire those around me to blast off into the limitless potential that awaits us all. KAPOW!

If you're interested in learning more about what I offer, please feel free to check out my photography, branding, and coaching services or simply drop me a line! I'd love to chat more about where you're at and how I might creatively support you in sharing more of that special thing that only you have.



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